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The Amazing 12 At Ramona Fitness Center

Transform Your Body In Just 12 Weeks With The Amazing 12 at Ramona Fitness Center

Are you frustrated with the slow process of traditional fitness programs? Are you struggling to maintain your motivation without seeing the results you were expecting? If so, The Amazing 12 Physique Program at Ramona Fitness Center may be for you. 

The 12-week program is the world's #1 body transformation program. It is scaled to your fitness level and is designed to bring about the fastest aesthetic and functional change possible in the shortest possible timeframe through careful manipulation of the programming variables.

Participants see almost immediate improvements to their:

  • Body composition
  • Muscle tone
  • Overall strength

This program has transformed the mind, body, and spirit of participants from every age group, genetic background, ability, and experience. These transformation photos are real members of our gym that have discovered a leaner body full of health and vitality.

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Learn How To Train and Treat Your Body Through With the Amazing 12 Program at Ramona Fitness 

Not only will this high-intensity program produce immediate results, unlike any other program you've ever tried. It will also teach you long-term lifestyle changes that will ensure lasting results well beyond your first 12 weeks. Benefits include:

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Efficiency in your workouts
  • Ongoing support from our trained professionals
  • Longlasting confidence in your fitness approach 

A Proven Philosophy Of Improved Health and Fitness

The Amazing 12 program is designed around more than 10 years of research by leading fitness programmer Paul McIlroy. The program features a holistic approach to training and our highly skilled coaches at Ramona Fitness Center have a proven track record of helping clients exceed their expectations through support and accountability. 

Of the program, McIlroy said,"The Amazing 12 is about WAY more than just the six pack. The thing we are most proud of is the program’s ability to have a profound effect on the lives of its graduates stretching far outside the walls of the gym. This phenomenon is something which has been the program’s calling card since day one, and remains so to this day…all over the world!"

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