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Ramona Fitness Center Reviews

  • RFC is such a well run gym. The staff is always friendly and professional. The equipment is well maintained and up to date. There are a variety of classes throughout the day and evening to meet all your needs and help you achieve your goals. Thanks RFC for all you offer.

    Lynn B.
  • If you want to work with a great team, be encouraged, safe and get results, RFC is the place to be! As a former member and employee, I can honestly say I never felt more comfortable in a gym atmosphere than I do at RFC. Miss it and know you will get great workouts and programming as well as awesome service when you're there!

    Anessa N.
  • RFC is the best gym I've been involved with. I'm 61 and have always enjoyed a regular gym workout schedule. Their key ingredients are a friendly staff and a huge variety of classes. I highly recommend RFC.

    Tom E.
  • Awesome & Productive Experiences

    My experience with one-on-one coaching and small group training has been awesome and productive. I would recommend this type of training because you can train at your own level. If there are multiple people training together it is not a competition. The trainers adjust everything to each personʼs level of fitness and limitations.

    AnnMarie T.
  • I just received an OUTSTANDING massage from the massage therapist  I recommend her to everyone!! The staff was friendly and the massage room was relaxing. The table warmer and hot stones were a luxury. My problem areas have no pain!

    Andrea R.
  • Good workout spot....all the latest equipment and not over crowded. You can get in and get a workout without having to stand around waiting for someone else to finish to use the equipment. Definitely worth checking out.

    Nice Workout Spot
  • Passion For Training

    I have a real admiration for my coachʼs passion when it comes to training. I truly appreciate her attention to detail and making sure my technique is “spot on” in kettlebell class.

    Rob W.
  • Great Learning Experience

    My experience with private and group training has been a great learning experience. I love getting to meet and workout with new people. Shanna is a great coach who is also very supportive in helping each person achieve the goal they have set for themselves. I would recommend this type of training because it is great for anyone! In small group we have so much diversity and its fun! It’s also great for people who have been a part of sports their whole lives, like me, because you get to work as a group but still be independent during your workout.

    Morgan G.
  • Recommend Private Coaching

    My experience with private coaching has been very successful! I would recommend this type of training because it is more personally tailored to my needs.

    Dorothy B.
  • I came across this page while visiting another Ramona friend on FB. This is a great opportunity for me to express my feelings about a place in Ramona that has been a big part of my life over the past 5 years. Ramona Fitness Center! I joined RFC about 5 years ago not really thinking that my fitness goals would actually be met. Not only did I become a member I have consistently utilized their personal trainer programs. I never thought that I actually would stick to a fitness regimen but it was so easy because I continuously see results. I have trained with some of the best including Michael Gainey and Peter San Nicolas. They care about each person that walks in their door. Very professional and one of the cleanest gyms by far. If anyone is considering a gym membership or training program then Ramona Fitness Center is it. They are affordable and have programs and classes to fit all levels of fitness. A healthier you starts with you...Ramona Fitness Center can definitely get you where you want to be.

    Kimberly M.
  • Was on vacation for a week here and they have a very friendly staff, even gave me a deal for the week with prepaid visits! Nice size fitness center with cardio and weights and reliable hours of operation. Some equipment was outdated but met my needs for the week.

    Samuel Z.
  • I went to Ramona Fitness Center for the first time back when I was in High School. In my most recent visit, I was very impressed with the renovations that have been done in the last few years. I was especially impressed with the equipment and group class offerings. The staff is always incredibly friendly and welcoming and I have never felt any "gymtimidation". When I make it back up to Ramona, I will be back at RFC full time!

    Matthew O.
  • Badass gym with updated equipment and super clean facilities. One of their employees, Jonas, is a ripped stud.

    Roger D.
  • Been a member at RFC since 1993. Obviously love it, still a member. The trainers are top notch as is the entire staff. Always up to date with training techniques and fit the training to your particular limitations or strengths. 5 star!

    Diane H.
  • Awesome gym. Everything you need to get a great workout.

    Michael W.
  • I love coming here! All of the staff are friendly & very helpful!! I particularly enjoy my One on One sessions with Lora...She is amazing :)

    Tina C.
  • Really like the environment here! It gets me going!

    Timber B.
  • RFC really cares about their customers. They are friendly, encouraging and have great trainers. The facility is always clean.

    Lori S.


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