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The Keys To Success In The New Year

The Keys To Success In The New Year

The Keys to Success in the New Year

The New Year is upon us and now is the time to start fresh, start new, reset and recharge.  It's become a bit cliche to set New Years Resolutions, but I say so what.  I've noticed that people don't set New Year's goals as much as they once did.  I think that this is due in part to many people becoming discouraged year after year, not achieving those goals they set for themselves early January.  Think about it like this.  You go to the dentist I hope.  You go in hope of not having cavities, but most likely you have some decay, some staining, or some gingivitis, or maybe your teeth look great.  If you get a bad report you probably don't decide that your done brushing your teeth, done flossing, or making an effort.  That would be insanity.  Same applies to your New Years Resolutions, or goals.  You may not have reached the ones you set last year, but don't give up on them.

A key component to achieving goals is to begin with the end in mind.  I want you to decide what is truly important in your life.  What health goals are truly critical to your wellbeing.  Imagine in your mind what achieving your health goals and how you would feel and look.  Imagine having the vibrant energy that you had when you were ten, twenty, thirty years younger.  Imagine fitting into that dress or those jeans you love.  Don't let it get you down that you are not there today.  Make a conscious decision to make the changes that will get you there.  


Start small and gain momentum means pick a small goal that you know you can achieve that helps you toward your ultimate goals.  That may be as simple as drinking 3 glasses more water per day or eating out two fewer times per month.  By achieving small goals, you gain momentum, you gain confidence, you begin to feel good about yourself.  My beautiful wife Shayna makes the bed every day.  She says it sets up the rest of the day by starting it by accomplishing something simple.  Success attracts success even if its a small success.  The same thing applies to your fitness and health.  Skip the chips or bread when you eat out.  Walk fifteen minutes three times a week.  It may seem insignificant, but if you set that small goal that you're guaranteed to achieve you'll find yourself doing more.  Imagine setting a goal of walking sixty minutes five days a week and you miss your first scheduled workout.  How do you feel?  Probably not good, and those negative feelings may have you questioning if it's even worth it.  Set small goals, achieve those and incrementally increase those goals always keeping the end in mind along the way.

Lastly, in order to achieve your goals, you have to have a plan and make room for it in your schedule.  Anything that is important to us is usually in a calendar.  If you don't want to miss something, then you schedule it and may even set reminders the day before or two hours before so you don't miss it.  Treat those New Years Resolutions the same.  Take out your calendar and put those three fifteen minute waling days in and put them on repeat.  Make sure they pop up on your phone's screen.  If you are old school, make sure that planner is with you and out where it can be seen.  Write it out for at least six weeks.  Begin with the end in mind, start small and gain momentum, and put in your calendar.  Let's make it happen in the New Year!!!

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