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Family Membership Special

Extremely Limited-Time Fitness Offer for the Whole Family!

Have you been waiting for a good deal to get you and your family back to the gym? This could be it! At Ramona Fitness Center, we’re offering a special family rate of $99/month for up to four members.

Before you commit, you and your family are welcome to come down for a free workout trial. We’ve been serving the Ramona community for 30 years, and we know that the health and relational benefits of belonging to a gym community can be life-changing for families.

That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to commit. Getting the whole family to the gym can be a big task, but we also know it’s absolutely worth it. To qualify for our exclusive membership deal, you must have no more than a family of four living in the same household, with children aging 12-18!

Be sure to visit us in Ramona between September 15 and September 29 — and sign up for our family membership within that window — before this special offer disappears!

Become a Member to Transform Your Fitness — and Your Family

One of the biggest advantages of joining a gym is the community. When your family is also part of that community, the advantages compound into something even greater:

Stronger Values: When families practice endurance, strength, and goal-setting together, those values translate and get reinforced in other areas of life. It’s very common to see increased patience, respect, and drive at work and at home.

Better Accountability: It’s proven that accountability breeds greater success. When families share a gym membership, they are much more likely to actually get to the gym. Small but mighty details like shared transportation and at-home encouragement truly make all the difference.

Healthier Home: When families get fit together, the foundation for a healthy life is built. Better cooking and eating become a natural next step, and the result is a home that’s overall healthier — and happier.

Join us in Ramona for a Community Fitness Celebration — and Giveaways!

Our “Community Fitness Fair” event on September 29 is the perfect opportunity to experience the Ramona Fitness community. At the Ramona Fitness Center from 8am-noon, we’ll have a ton of special offerings:

  • An introduction to our team
  • Goods from local Ramona vendors
  • Freebies and giveaways

Last call for family memberships - September 29 is the last day! Take Advantage of Our Exclusive Family Memberships Today!

No need to wait for September 29. Bring your friends and family to Ramona Fitness Center for a free trial, starting September 15. Or go ahead and secure your exclusive family membership rate now, by filling out the form on your screen. We’re looking forward to meeting the whole family soon!

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